About Barnie's CoffeeKitchen®


A Florida original, Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Company® was founded in 1980 near Orlando. Our first store opened their doors on Park Avenue in Winter Park with a clear purpose: to share the best coffee and tea from around the world with our neighbors and friends. Our company is committed to bringing you the finest in products and customer service. 

Today, Barnie’s Coffee & Tea has become Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen®, our natural evolution: coffee, food and community. From sourcing the best coffee beans from family farms and premier growers to sharing our enthusiasm for fresh ingredients, we believe in making coffee an experience. We are thrilled to share our chef-inspired values with you in each bag of our artfully roasted coffees. We offer over 50 coffees, each hand selected to respect the pivotal role coffee has played in global cultural traditions. We are also committed to supporting earth friendly and organic practices by offering a selection of Organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance coffees. 

Barnie’s headquarters is located in Orlando, FL and is privately owned. We currently have four company-owned Central Florida locations. Our coffees can also be found in thousands of Florida grocery stores, throughout the country through office coffee services, food service establishments and our website.


Coffee shouldn’t be about dark roast or strong flavors, it should be about harmony and finesse. It should be fun and easy and suit your mood. Just as you might choose a food based on how you’re feeling or a match it to a particular occasion we’re all about matching your mood to our coffee. We make it about you and what are you in the mood for, mood matters. Whether you seek the “Comfort” of German Chocolate Cake, the “Intrigue” of floral and citrusy Ethiopian Sidamo or the “Robust” qualities of earthy Sumatra, our coffees deliver. 


The kitchen is a trusted place - a place for relaxation, sharing and conversation. It’s also a place where we create, stimulate, nourish and satisfy.

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Throughout the evolution of Barnie’s Coffee and Tea to Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen®, the attention to detail in our coffee selection has remained a high priority. We now roast coffee in our stores and share the roasting experience with each customer that comes in. Because every coffee is different, we roast small batches of each new coffee at various roast levels and perform cuppings until roast perfection is achieved. We focus on bringing out the individuality and unique characteristics of each coffee to serve the best cup.